Business activities

The principal activity of SIRIUS Eco Tec GmbH is Engineering and Construction, in the establishment and support of thermolysis to produce distillation oils, carbon and metals from waste, and all activities related. The SIRIUS Eco Tec wins with their thermolysis plant SIRIUS T10-Batch oil from the biggest worldwide known source, namely from waste.

This activity allows for a very stable planning security due to the raw material security and the ever higher growing mountains of waste and on the other side due to the global high demand for oil, carbon black, steel and derivatives thereof.

The success is partly attributable to an innovative engineering performance of a high quality thermolysis technology, product finishing, the experienced staff and the human and entrepreneurial qualities of the team members.

Our services

  • Engineering
  • Consulting
  • Planning, design of the plant and applying for the operating license
  • Plant, completed installation (turnkey) incl. Necessary equipment supplies for the operation of the plant (tire press, emergency generator or CHP, compressors etc.)
  • building construction
  • automation technology
  • Operation, administration and maintenance of plant
  • Service and maintenance, online monitoring
  • Training and operating accompaniments

Additional services

  • Advice and assistance in optimizing the material flows and preparation of raw materials (feedstocks)
  • Acceptance and distribution of thermolysis