Market environment

Megatrend sustainable and renewable energy

Energy consumption worldwide increases still. The ecosystems will continue irreversibly damaged by greenhouse gas emissions, an increasing number of legislative initiatives for more new areas of damage are under way, existing initiatives aggravate further.

The cheap oil is coming to an end to (even if the oil price is currently low), the search for alternative and renewable energy sources, conservation of resources and active saving is the order of the day. The long advocated thinking in value-cycles, rather than open value chains, is among the just outlined conditions for necessity.

Model of decentralized recycling

The connection of renewable energy production, resource conservation and recycling economy are compelling and currently the only realistic answers to shortage of raw materials and environmental pollution.

Especially inter- / intra industrial strategies of energy and material recycling in the sense of a recycling of consumed goods are able to conserve resources and reduce dependence on oil.

Waste recovery is thus a key task in the future specifically for all industrial States.

The European Union and its Member States will endeavor to develop waste to a recycling economy. Instead of “end-of-the-pipe” – technologies should be spared through waste prevention and reuse resources, environmentally sound disposal and recycling. This order also applies in particular to the new EU Member States and is also supported by major funding.

Gasification technologies, as thermolysis, are experiencing a renaissance and learn at the same time a re-evaluation in the material and energy recovery of waste and help to cope with the rising generation of waste while landfill space is becoming scarcer according to the recycling law.