We see Experienced competitors currently only in Asia, especially in China. This Chinese plant is not sufficiently certified for the European market and especially the safety technology and automation is at the moment is no competition.
An Asian plant engineer is in customer service, support for application of the site permit, installation, commissioning support, training, support and much more of our quality and strength in Europe is not competitive.

Other equipment suppliers in Europe have no operational experience. Do not have a system in operation and can prove no stable production. This we know investment providers are too costly for the economical operation of a thermolysis and the potential annual throughput is too low to operate these systems long-term profitability.

Currently available information, SIRIUS Eco Tec is currently the only European manufacturer that specializes in the development of technically effective and economical batch plants based on the rotary tube principle.


  • The so-called rotary kiln technology has over other technologies following advantages:
  • Simpler, known technique
  • Less prone to failure
  • Substantial price advantage in the acquisition
  • Simple procurement of input material
  • Continuous distillation – stable product characteristics and qualities


With our SRIUS T10-Batch thermolysis plant large tires such as OTR tires, tractor tires, conveyor, excavator chains, other rubber waste etc. can be utilized. For other manufacturers partially the tires must be shredded before, which means a considerable additional expenditure of energy.

The production quality of the plant, process technology used to determine the product quality and the scalable layout for dimensioning the required processing capacity of our thermolysis plant allow excellent economic return.

As equipment manufacturer, we assume that we have a technical advantage of several years against any competitors.