Worldwide growing waste mountains offer an enormous market potential. There is a good statistics on the accumulated amounts of plastic waste and scrap tires in the range car tires, bus tires and truck tires.

Tires in Austria: about 65,000 ton

Plastic waste Austria: 450,000 ton

Tires in Europe: about 3.3 million ton

In these statistics are still missing many tire and rubber waste such as tractor tires, truck tires, loader tires, Mining Tires, etc. or rubber waste such as hoses, conveyor belts, Backhoe chains, hydraulic hoses and the like. It lacks the landfill in the past and stored tires.

We have the technical ability, any type of tire, tire size, with or without foreign bodies (eg wheels) or rubber waste such as depolymerize endless conveyor lines and thus offer our customers to use this more difficult to dispose of waste as a feedstock or also by disposal fee additional revenue to generate.