Customer benefits

  • Waste collectors have the necessary experience and customers around the tire flows and thus be able to ensure the feedstock.
  • Our customers and prospects have already locations and halls, which are suitable for refuse collection and recycling. An extension of the installation license for thermolysis we obtained very rapidly in many of these locations. Usually only minor additional investments in infrastructure are necessary.
  • Uniform and therefore stable and predictable production. The preparation for loading of the reactors and the handling for the finished material can be carried out during the day. By automating and remote monitoring a call is sufficient at night (3rd shift).
  • Excellent economic viability
  • Independence in the disposal

Target groups

  • Disposal companies or waste collector
  • Recycling companies
  • Dismantling companies
  • Tire dealers, tire retreaders
  • Oil and fuel distributors
  • Industrial and institutional investors
    (For example, national and international grants)
  • Cooperation projects with UNIDO in developing countries