Thermolysis as a strategy for action

Thermolysis ideally combines to reduce the environmental burden of waste and at the same time to counteract the shortage of raw materials – Waste to Energy.

Thermolysis proves to be a possible way out of the crisis of the global garbage mountains!

Thermolysis technology SIRIUS Eco Tec is characterized by unique engineering and continuous development based on practical experience:

The employed thermolysis technology as a thermal process (outside the combustion) will meet the requirement to ensure a high international environmental awareness in an ideal way.

In contrast to conventional high-temperature combustion (calorific waste at 1200 ° C = negative energy balance) thermolysis than thermal treatment at low temperatures (

This thermolysis method with the technique and hardware used by SIRIUS Eco Tec is the world’s only usable, almost entirely emission-free, functioning and economically viable technology for the realization of “Waste to Energy” inside a closed plant. Hydrocarbon waste is depolymerized with a high efficiency in order to recover valuable energy and raw materials.

The end products of our “thermolysis plants” are coveted marketable products:

  • Thermolysis or synthetic oil (heating oil quality)
  • Carbon Black (CBp)
  • Metals
  • The product synthetic gas is washed, cleaned and used for your own process. Thus a
    SIRIUS T10-Batch thermolysis plant operates energy independent.