Establishing BNo1 Recycling SH.P.K. in Kosovo

With the establishment of BNo1 Recycling SH.P.K. in Kosovo, in which SIRIUS Eco Tec GmbH (Austria) is a shareolder, the first SIRIUS T10-Batch thermolysis plant for the depolymerization of scrap tires, conveyor belts and other rubber waste will be installed.The raw materials thus obtained are further processed and returned to the production process again.

Legislative Initiative for Waste

A regulation for collecting tires in Kosovo was adopted by a legislative initiative at the request of the BNo1 Recycling SH.P.K. in Kosovo. This environmentally-friendly and proper disposal of used tires and other rubber waste was launched in Kosovo.
The authorization to operate thermolysis plants as a major technical innovation on the environmental sector has been supported by the government in Kosovo.

Completion of the production hall and commissioning of the plant
The construction work in the production hall for the recycling plant has already been completed. The completion of the assembly work and the commissioning of the SIRIUS T-10 Batch thermolysis plant will take place shortly.