The ‘SIRIUS T10-Batch’ thermolysis plant is the result of many years of research, operating experience, global investment analysis and Austrian engineering.
Our ‘high-tech’ thermolysis plant is currently the only known functioning and economically profitable thermolysis plant in Europe.

What is the purpose of the SIRIUS T10-Batch thermolysis plant?

With the SIRIUS T10-Batch scrap tires and rubber waste are dismantled in the elementary raw materials in a environment-friendly thermolysis process. Here, a reactor (rotary kiln) is charged with scrap tires and rubber waste and heated in the absence of oxygen.

The output materials or manufacturing products of thermolysis are thermolysis oil (= synthetic oil), carbon black (short name: CBp), synthesis gas and metal.

Technical specifications SIRIUS T10-Batch:

  • Thermolysis reactors (rotary kilns)
  • continuous distillation unit
  • PLC control unit with remote monitoring
  • Gas burner suitable for synthesis gas
  • Pyrolysis oil-tank with pumping system
  • Gas storage with gas cleanup train
  • Cooling tower, gas flare, flue gas cleaning
  • Pre-separators, carbon black discharge system
  • Magnetic separator, filling system
  • Tire press etc.

Engineering Made in Austria

The technologies have been certified by CE, construction and design comply with the essential health and safety requirements of the EC Machinery Directive.

MRL 2005/42 / EC – Safety aspects:

  • ATEX Directive
  • Product Safety Act (GPSG)
  • BimSchG Federal Pollution
  • DIN – Standards
  • VDE / VDI
  • HAZOP / HAZOP risk assessment procedures

Process Design and Automation

Its unique automation technology of SIRIUS T10-Batch process flow thermolysis can be precisely defined and controlled. The automatic control technology makes it possible to adjust the quality of output products to the specific requirements of customers.
The thermolysis process can be completely controlled by the applied automatisations technology in operation and is also equipped with an on-line monitoring system.