The Sirius Digital Maintenance Programme is our solution for the digitalization of industrial recycling plants. It ensures that each of our Sirius sites can be monitored and analysed 24/7. This enables us to guarantee our customers seamless round-the-clock service without having to be on site.

The data transmitted by the plants is continuously analysed by our team. This means that every deviation within a process is registered and processed. Sirius technicians can then directly make adjustments to the systems or run important updates. Our technicians do not have to be on site for this and ongoing operations will not be affected. We thereby ensure the smoothest possible and most efficient operation of our recycling plants while maintaining the high quality of the end products.

Maintenance and service calls are initiated at an early stage by our Digital Maintenance Programme. Required spare parts can be produced and shipped on time. The aim is to anticipate defects and avoid downtimes.